The one about my shakes

Muffin top: slightly shrinking
Hunger: Definitely not famished
Fizz: None since…Saturday. Sunday
Scales: Heading in the right direction (this week)
Zzzz’s: Garmin says I’m now averaging 6h 57m

you look hot

Some of you have picked up that I have started consuming Isagenix. I’ve been asked a couple of times, what is this Isagenix I speak of? (I’m looking at you, Vegemite). I’m going to preface this post with a couple of things:

  1. It has taken me a number of years to commit to it (the Painmaster first tried to get me to try it, maybe five years ago…)
  2. It isn’t for everyone

First things first, why? Why have I started this Isagenix thing? I think for me it was frustration, and my desperation in response to looking at my own reflection. I’ve banged on here previously about Hashimoto’s and the havoc it plays with both mine and The Bull’s bodies. He, thankfully, has age (and testosterone, oh, and thyroxine) on his side. I, on the other hand, hate how I feel when I take thyroxine. And, well, I just turned 40. The less said about that, the better. Not being one to take things laying down, I’ve taken matters into my own hands (and my NutriBullet).

So, what is it? Isagenix? Isagenix is (scientifically backed blah blah) shakes as meal replacements (two shakes per day, one regular meal). Coupled with cleansing days and heaps of vitamins. There are also options to actually gain weight and for gym junkies (I’m not at risk of needing either of these programs!). Those who know me, and know how much I enjoy being in the kitchen are possibly reading this and scratching their heads; how does an Ottolenghi, Perry or Lawson recipe fit in with shake meal replacements? Well, they don’t really. However, drastic times call for drastic measures. That’s coming from someone who has been dead against shake meal replacements for a long time. I did say this wasn’t for everyone (and no doubt, there are going to be peeps with very strong opinions on my choice).

That being said, strangely, I’m not feeling deprived. I’m learning to mix my own flavour concoctions (chocolate with a dash of peppermint essence for breakfast, vanilla and berries for lunch. I’ve also been known to enjoy a mix of chocolate and strawberry – think retro neapolitan ice cream). Could I be stricter? Wellyes. But! I have a very long journey ahead (many, many, many kilos), and I need to indulge in the odd G&T or glass of fizz every so often. One key change I’ve made is I regularly swap my cappuccino(s) for an espresso or long black (I will not give up coffee. Sugar, happily. Coffee – no).

Another benefit Dr Husband (previously known here as The Devil, but updated to reflect: a) he likes to think he knows everything…b) when he expresses his opinions, he does so as though he has graduated from seven or so years of major studies…and, c) he cares…), is that having shakes at breakfast actually means I’m consuming breakfast. Who’d have thought?

Initially I never had any intention of having shakes at dinner, shakes would only be a breakfast and lunch thing. But, sometimes things have to bend, and I’m learning to ‘go with the flow’ a little more when required (the new gig finds me having work lunches on the odd occasion). The small humans know I’m ‘doing’ Isagenix, and they know that sometimes I might have a shake and let them enjoy a good pasta for dinner (that I have lovingly slaved over for them mid-week). I have told them why. They have been subjected to Michelle Bridges and Paleo Pete’s recipes in the past (ask either of them their opinion of Michelle Bridges ‘lasagne’ recipe!), so are grateful this doesn’t affect them. There would be anarchy if I stopped making risotto, pesto or roast dinners.

So, am I cheating? Am I taking a short cut? I can see why some would think so. Hell – I held that opinion of shake meal replacements for a long long time as well (at least I’m not having gastric banding, not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

However, I’m not hungry. I’m filled with more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. I’m also seeing results, not as rapidly as some of the success stories I’ve read online, but, I’m having some success. I’m exercising (not running marathons, but moving a lot more).

And, look out – I’m going to look seriously hot.


Shrinking - or not

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