So, what do you do?

Oops…alright, first things first. My last little bombshell. Well, it is now obvious more of you than I thought do click the link or seek out this blog and actually read my waffle **Gulp** (I will admit, I often think I’m writing and no one reads, and that’s okay). I need want to say ‘thank you’ to those of you who care enough to have left me messages either on my Facebook post, here on the blog or messaged me directly. I certainly didn’t mean to alarm anyone,  I was just, you know, writing. I did say the process was cathartic (and it was). And, I did suggest you buckle in if you were going to proceed with reading.
Update: more people than any of us ever know are going through their own battles. Be kind people! Don’t judge, because none of us really has any idea what others are going through (social media is not really an insight into someone’s life, it’s merely a personal marketing tool). I have been blessed that friends and acquaintances have been courageous enough to share their own (unfortunately, at times, more crappy) journey’s. Thank you.
The Bull is doing well, though has a case of tonsillitis at the moment.

so, what do you do

Moving on…today has been a good day, so much so, I’m counting it as day one.
Day 1, week 1 of Body Boss. Get used to reading that, there are going to be many posts with me cursing this fitness program. I think I’m up to day 1, week 1 of Body Boss for the third or fourth time. It’s supposed to be 10 minute warm-up, roughly 3×7 minute circuits and a 10 minute cool-down. Yeah right. Tonight I did a 20 minute warm-up (actually, I was merely psyching myself up for what I knew was immediately ahead of me). The good ol’ faithful elliptical trainer was there to greet me in the practically empty gym (bonus!). I plugged in my earphones and cranked my music up. The 20 minutes was actually easy…

Then came the sumo squats (x30); the walking lunges (x30); high knees (x80); glute kickbacks (x40); side jacks (x40) [I skipped those babies, my ankle and my wrist were never going to forgive me]; glute bridges (x30); and, glute lunges (x40- my glutes are on fire at this point)…as quickly as I could. I think (I know) I went over the 7 minute mark (nudged it), but round one was done. My music selection was starting to annoy me. I had a three minute window to sort that shit out. Enter Salt-N-Pepa that quickly went to Michael Jackson. This was getting worse, and I knew I had to start the second round of sumo squats any second. In desperation for some tunes to have in my ears, I just hit play on an Apple ‘dance’ playlist and hoped for the best.

Busting my ass in front of the incredibly large mirror I had to myself, I kept telling myself I was doing this for the Pink Grommet, I have got to get wetsuit ready. Every single squat, lunge and glute anything contributed to insane muscle fatigue (let’s be honest – shock). I skipped songs that were too slow or too boring, and I got through round two. Round three was never going to happen tonight. I know the excruciating pain I am going to experience tomorrow and even more so on Wednesday. I just couldn’t do it. Two rounds was better than none, right?

To make up for the guilts of not completing my three rounds, I returned to the elliptical trainer. I smashed out another 20 minutes, creating little challenges every 60 seconds or so (each minute felt like an e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y, to keep me on the damn machine: I checked heart rate, steps, took little peeps at the meters covered (yes a ‘peep’ from under the towel over the screen…and meters, not km’s tonight), seconds left on the current playing song…anything to push me a little bit more.

When I got home, I proudly messaged the Painmaster. Her quick fire response “I wish you all the best for tomorrow!” The Painmaster has actually completed day 1, week 1 with me before. I’m proud that she also found it difficult to sit on and get up from a toilet properly for a day or so afterwards. I am not looking forward to Wednesday.

So, what do you do to keep motivated when all you want to do is stop?

Muffin top: still quite muffin like
Hunger: the Isagenix has hit the spot today
Fizz: none, today has been an H20 zone
Scales: I don’t dare look
(*this little list inspired a few years ago by Vegemite)


Shrinking - or not

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