Chasing zzz’s

wake me for champagneChasing zzz’s, as in – chasing sleep? Yes I am. And you thought this shenanigan was only going to be about fat (mine), grueling exercise regimes (possibly mine), and dieting (definitely mine). However, today’s installment is brought to you by chasing hours of good quality sleep.

The Devil bought me a book a number of years ago, ‘The Doona Diet‘. To be honest, I’ve never actually read it. To be fair, he also gave me a book at the same time ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Volvo‘. Now, that one I did read; and while admittedly, I am too sexy for a Volvo (for starters, I drive a VW), that book didn’t enrich my life, so I parked The Doona Diet. It currently occupies some space on a bookshelf in the study, though I’m now thinking seriously about getting it down. This could have more to do with the fact I am struggling to get past the half way point of The English Patient (page 151 to be precise), that has taken up residence (collecting dust) on my bedside table.

It turns out, there is more to getting a good nights sleep than I ever thought there would be.  Well, at least for a busy and wired (as in pumped…strung out…I know, you’re reading ‘crae crae’) person such as myself.

I’ve set a goal: I am chasing eight good solid hours of sleep a night. My trusty Garmin is telling me out of the last seven nights, I have averaged 5h 27m per night. Averaged. I have a little way to go. So,  dah dah dah daaaah, enter…meditation. I’m still getting used to the concept. I’ve never been a ‘connect to your inner self yoga type’. I’ll admit, there have been times in the last week where I have cycled through three or four different meditations, mainly because the voices drive me nuts. When I try to get to sleep, I love quiet, so there is some getting used to listening – but not listening – to the dulcet tones of the person on the other end of the App. If I can get over it, I am told this meditation gig could be quite beneficial to improving the hours I sleep I get, and possibly even the quality.

The Devil has also taken it upon himself to start feeding me vitamins. It started with magnesium, though tonight he handed me four additional little suckers. When I asked what they were, he just said they were to help me – no further details (I know one of them was definitely vitamin D). I must trust him. For all I know, he could be trying to wipe me out.

So, why am I chasing sleep? Of course it has to tie back to my desire to lose weight – obviously. However, I am confident that with rest and sleep comes a greater level of resilience and energy. With more resilience and energy I can tackle all those other aspects such as grueling fitness regimes and tolerate the dieting thing a little better. And in turn, all of that will hopefully make me a better mother and human. That sounds so deep.

2018 is about being kind to myself.

Shrinking - or not

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