New year, new me?

silver 2018I had every intention of writing this yesterday, so it didn’t become a January 1st thing, and read like a new years resolution. However, I got distracted cleaning and purging a heap of ‘stuff’ I’d accumulated over God only knows how long. That, and I went out last night to a bit of a swanky do and now find myself hungover. I’m happy to see the back of 2017.

Having spent this morning finding the energy to reactivate this ‘blog’ (which is really just a 21st century online diary), I noticed I last wrote in mid-2016, and that in itself was after a 12 month hiatus. There’s a lot to catch you up on. Where to start?

I turned 40.

I changed jobs (working for a workplace psychopath takes its toll), and have taken a foray into the private sector.

I graduated from uni (about time).

Both Trolls are now in double-digits.

The Pink Troll has quit ballet and taken up surfing (I kid you not).

The Blue Troll is doing pretty well with his cricket, and trying my sanity and patience in every other aspect.

We have a new dog, our Italian Stallion.

The Devil remains as constant and chilled out as ever.

So, why now? Why start writing again? For one, it’s actually quite therapeutic. Secondly, I’m in desperate need to hold myself accountable for some commitments I’ve made to myself. Strangely, if I write about them, I at least feel somewhat guilty when I don’t stick to them.

You can expect that I am going to dribble on about: diet; exercise; the Trolls; weight loss (or, lack thereof); and other really random shit. This blog initially started because I was completing Michelle Bridges 12WBT (I think I did three rounds). The blog was the best thing I got out of the experience, so its only fair I continue the tradition of rambling / grumbling about my progress (or not) in the shrinking department.

What’s a blog on new years day if I don’t actually declare some new years resolutions? (I’ve never been one for resolutions). Feel free to pick which one you will hassle me about…In 2018 I’m going to:

  1. Sleep more. I have years of catching up to do after that study gig.
  2. Stick to this Isagenix thing (more about that another day – no lectures please)
  3. Exercise frequently – I would like to say I am committing to a gym session every day (unlikely, but good intention) as well as walking the Italian Stallion – we’ll see.
  4. Be present, take the time to just be and enjoy being kind to myself.
  5. …and maybe, towards the end of the year….a surfing lesson with the Pink Troll.

Okay, the hangover is really making itself known – I’m utterly exhausted. Must be time for a new years nap.


Shrinking - or not

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    • Vegemite, I’ll dedicate a blog in the not too distant future. I guarantee, not something you’ll be serving in your new digs! And yes, you should. I have no doubt you’ll have much to say about the Vegemite life in all that snow!

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