Daytime TV – my new world


I’ve been neglecting you again, I’m sorry. However, I now have plenty of time on my hands, just not much to write about.

Seriously daytime TV sucks. Regretting getting rid of Foxtel at this point. The highlight of my day has been Ellen; keen to see Oprah’s new flick ‘Selma’. James Reeson, host of Alive and Cooking, is hurting my eyes…and his hair is so greasy. What is with that mullet? I’ll know its getting bad if my conversations start to revolve around Bold and the Beautiful.

Why am I watching daytime TV you ask? What may come as a surprise to many (actually, the majority of people that I know), I’m currently cooped up at home recovering from some pretty crazy surgery last week. When I say ‘crazy’, my darling Nan watched a video of the surgery on YouTube (well not my actual surgery – but the same surgery on someone else). When I told her I felt like rubbish, she the surgery was pretty horrific. Oh, I’m feeling it. I thought I’d have a watch myself; I couldn’t make it through the first 60 seconds. I may have nightmares.

Banned from doing pretty much anything for the next five weeks, literally anything – no working; no lifting; no cleaning; no cooking; no driving. Rien, doctor’s orders. I had better get used to my spot on the couch, thank god the Ashes starts tonight.

I really want to thank those that have helped us out this past week, picking up and dropping off children, taking children for school holiday activities, ironing, calling in to keep me amused and share a meal with etc. The Devil and the small humans have been sensational. The Devil has kept the house ticking along; the not-so-small-anymore blue one has been cooking and tidying up like a little trooper; and the pink one has become such a caring little nurse. Feeling very blessed.

Shrinking - or not

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