Day 22 – working on shrinking my muffin top

Day 22

Waistline: slightly smaller muffin-top

Double chin: no change

Scales: slowly nudging downwards

I’m doing this; I almost have this Paleo Pete thing down pat. I’ve stuck with the no coffee thing (I may have replaced my caffeine hits with a slight addiction to licorice root tea, but hey, there are worse things). I only look a little longingly at the loaf of fresh white bread on the bench, most mornings. And I’ve mastered Pete’s meatloaf – good old fashioned circa 1970’s meatloaf, Paleo Pete style, and the small humans love it.

I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house today; one of those lazy Sunday’s with champagne, cheese and some great ladies. Aside from my glass or two of bubbles (I have given up coffee, a girl needs bubbles in her life), I merely indulged in conversation. The cheese plate, while lovely to look at, wasn’t calling my name as it has in the past, and I didn’t feel as though I was missing a long lost friend.

I was asked about the no coffee thing. That conversation usually starts these days along the lines of ‘no way!’ or ‘why?!!!’ However, I can honestly say when I reply with, ‘the first week was seriously hell, but now, I’m really quite ok’, I genuinely mean it. The first week was insane, I honestly wanted to crawl into bed and not wake up until I was over the withdrawal bit, but I survived. Don’t get me wrong, I could quite easily suck down a flat white at a moments notice. Only late last week did I have the courage to venture into the café downstairs, mesmerised by the sweet smell of roasted coffee beans. However, I’m quite okay with the no coffee situation.

And to answer the ‘why’ question (usually asked with a shriek of desperation in their voice), that’s where I can start to get a little evangelistic about Paleo Pete and his recipes (thank god he’s a chef) and how easy he makes forgoing soft white bread, sugar, pasta, coffee, chocolate, and all those other things I was consuming only a matter of weeks ago…a story for another blog.

So, what does this coming week hold? More work, more study (exam period is rapidly approaching and will be a serious test of my fortitude), small humans, husband and some exercise – all of which I’m really looking forward to!



Shrinking - or not

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