To caffeinate or not to caffeinate, that is the question.

coffee isnt a drugI sent an email to a very near a dear girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, surmising my wellness and weightloss journey over the last 10 years or so, it went something like this:

If there’s a healthy weight loss option out there, I’ve given it a crack: Sureslim; Michelle Bridges; Crazy nutritionist lady; Quitting Sugar….I’ve been to Sydney and seen Angela, who if nothing else, pumped me full of vitamins I had to at least feel good!

Sureslim was however, unsustainable. Such a lack of food is stupid – though it worked for a little while.

Michelle Bridges is quite frankly insane (I’ve written many posts on this). Again – no one can sustain that level of exercise on so few calories for the rest of their lives. I should know, I did three rounds.

Crazy nutritionist lady – at least she agreed with me about Michelle Bridges. And she determined I had some slightly weird eating issues – I eat noisy food when I’m stressed! I like the crunching noise it makes in my head! (think vita-wheats, sao’s etc)….I digress.

Quitting sugar was a really good thing to do, for a number of reasons: It made me aware just how much sugar I and the family was consuming. I also felt significantly better – I wasn’t craving sugar, especially at 3:00pm. I didn’t do this to the extent Sarah Wilson professes – I never had a week of complete detox – I did go without alcohol – but never could I go through caffeine withdrawals again. Unfortunately, we went overseas and I took that as my excuse to not give a flying fuck! So the evil sugar found its way back into bits an pieces, now including a little in my coffees again!

Angela was brilliant. She helped me in a multitude of ways to understand different aspects of what was actually going on in the deep recesses of my endocrine system. Her preference was that I give up all dairy (seriously), all grains including rice, all sugars and all glutens. Her definition was to adopt a ‘quasi Paleo / Mediterranean’ diet, minus the rice and grains. I did and felt amazing, I lost 4kgs in 4 weeks and did zero exercise (another of her requests – no exercise!). I ended up in Canada on 4 days notice, returned to a mountain of uni work and the whole thing unravelled.

What has all this got to do with caffeine? I think this Paleo gig is looking the goods. Paleo Pete and his Paleo Tribe keep posting in my Facebook. I’ve been reading stories and watching initially in complete ‘meh’ what a load of crock. These peeps are reporting feeling significantly better – ‘using food as medicine’. Then I started to do some research, and I bought a couple of his books and have read them with great interest (this may have been partly procrastination from writing uni essays). Yeah, he has some slightly crazy ideas – activated nuts – seriously, who has the freaking time? And some changes to perceptions of what constitutes a side to a meal – cauliflower ‘rice’, but I think I can do it. Particularly if I’m going to feel amazing.

And here my friends, is where the caffeine withdrawals started. I joined Paleo Pete’s tribe last week, my 10 weeks kicked off yesterday. I haven’t had a coffee since just after 9 on Saturday morning. I have been nursing a bitch of a headache since around noon yesterday. I did, however, survive a full day in the office. I may have been a little slower than normal, and I have churned through herbal tea like there’s no tomorrow – but I did it. Surely tomorrow has to be easier? Oh no! I’ve not had any added sugar, or any sugar for that matter, since yesterday – so this detox is quite possibly going to get worse before it gets better….I’ll be better in the long run, right?

Shrinking - or not

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