Time for a fresh start

time for a fresh start

I find myself reflecting a lot these days, and it occurred to me that I haven’t kept my promise of not neglecting this space. I feel as though I almost forgot how to type.
I have plenty of excuses…travel; work; kids, the kids sport and more of the kids; the festive season just to name a few. So, the fact that you are reading my words I suspect you are at least curious about what I’ve been up to, or at least where I’m heading?
The ‘what I’ve been up to’ will have to wait – I’m aiming to keep this short, and me accountable.

where_am_i_headingWhere am I heading? I’ve spent the last couple of years physically (and mentally) beating myself up, to no avail. So, after too many hours recently spent inside a fast moving metal cylinder flying between here and there, I have decided to be kind to myself. Shock. Horror.

I’m still working out what that means. Today I physically removed myself from the office and took a lunch break.  I went for a walk…outside…Crazy, I know. Little changes. I’m going back to eating as prescribed for the hashi-thing I’ve got going on.  Surely the worst I can do is drive the Devil a little mad and have a few more kitchen fails while trialling and error-ing new fancy eats?

Someone has suggested I meditate (ha!) and try yoga (ha! ha!). Maybe I should – you never know, it might be enough to help me find some much needed balance along this goat track of a journey.

More to come…

Shrinking - or not

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