Earth shattering – ouch.

Hi there. I thought about re-introducing myself, but figure if you’ve made your way here, you know how to click through archives…and that’s what you’d need given the word drought I’ve been in.

So what’s been happening since my last post, in what, January? Heaps! I’m just not sure what bits you’d find most interesting. I’ve got lots to tell. I survived another semester at uni while juggling work. The Devil and I have just returned from taking the small humans on a month long adventure to the UK and France. Uni starts back again tomorrow.

How about tonight I let you in on the earth shattering news that was recently bestowed on me?

SO…as you know I started this interweb ramble back in the days of my relationship with the 12WBT and Michelle Bridges. I must say, I found a lot of it enjoyable, though that possibly isn’t what you read here. I also had a very serious thing for Pilates. I’ve recently, quite successfully, quit sugar courtesy of Sarah Wilson. All the while the Pain Master has been by my side. I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Sure, I’m stronger and healthier, but the kg’s just wouldn’t budge. Except up.
So, getting all of my doctors talking to each other, has identified a raft of underlying (hormone) issues. This is requiring fundamental and radical changes to my diet, oh, and I’m rattling full of the 15 or so capsules I now take a day. I kind of had a sneaking suspicion something like this was going to be on the cards, so I carb and cheese loaded for king and country while we were away. Rude not to, we were in France after all. More on that another time.

How bad was the news? Completely gluten, grain and dairy free, and reduced animal fats (red meat once a week). Completely. Not even rice paper. I didn’t dare ask about wine. Red is good for the heart, right? I was given the news that coffee should also be out. In desperation we negotiated: I can drink it black or with almond milk, and only one (or two) a day.

I’ll just let that soak in for a while.

Shrinking - or not

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