Who’d have thought?


Well, the last sugar laden thing I ate was trifle on Christmas day…actually, I lie. I may have snuck into the lolly jar for a couple of jelly babies at my mums on NYE. I have not been interested.  There is still an open box of Lindt balls on the dining room table (come to think of it, no one is eating them!).  There is chocolate scattered through the fridge.  Anyway, it has been at least 10 days since I have consumed any real sugar, and I honestly haven’t been missing it.

Fast forward to this evening.

Tonight, for one reason or another, I hunted out the Connoisseur Cookie Cream Commotion – those big chunks of chocolate cookie encased in that delicious velvety smooth ice-cream. If you’re going to eat ice-cream, it might as well be good, right?   As I removed the round lid off the one litre container, to my surprise, it was still three quarters full. Little flutters of excitement filled my stomach.  Memories of just how delicious this little bucket of gourmet is came flooding back. I picked up one of the small silver spoons (I have always preferred small spoons for sweets?) and gently scraped away a neat little mound. Once it made the connection with my taste buds, to my surprise, it didn’t fit the memory.  This of course called for a second spoonful. The same again.  Where had the deliciousness gone?  Maybe the recipe has changed?  Apparently not. I contemplated continuing my quest for ice-cream satisfaction.  Realising it was a lost cause, defeated I put the lid back on and returned the once perfect bucket of ice-cream to its rightful place in the freezer.

Maybe Sarah Wilson has stolen my sugar buds?

Whatever the rationale, I’m now motivated to turn in for an early night and get up for a run to clear my ice-cream needing induced head in the morning.


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