The hills are alive…and my lungs are on the ground

Lactic acid.  This shit is real.  My muscles are screaming.  The Pain Master was yelling at me tonight (as loud as a trainer can in a public gym!).  Apparently when she says 100 reps, she really does mean 100 reps – and she stands there pulling faces at me mimicking my ‘complaining’ to boot.  Thank god I say.  I would hate it if she put on one of those insanely fake voices, cheering me on ‘Come on, you can do it, I know you can do it.’  I think I would punch her.  I have to say though, the Pain Master is someone you want in your corner.  She is real.  She has good days and bad.  She also knows how hard some of us have to work to achieve even just a little.  And she cares, really cares.  I couldn’t ask for a better trainer to kick my ass 5 days a week.

The Pain Master made me climb a mountain with her last week.  It was hard, really hard.  When we got to the top I genuinely thought my lungs were going to explode.  I might be fat, but I have worked out I am bloody fit – when it comes to endurance and determination, I’d back myself.  When we finished climbing the stairs and the ground before me rose in a perpendicular fashion, I honestly thought I was done.  The Pain Master had other ideas.  She lied to me, she told me there wasn’t much more to go.  It worked and we made it to the top – one foot after the other.  Now I’m keen to have another go and beat my time.  Its such a shame about all that rain we’ve been having…

A while a go I made a deal with the Devil…$100 for every centimetre I reduce as an incentive to stop focussing on the numbers on those damn scales. I’m thinking he may be starting to regret his offer.  Last week I had the Pain Master do a sneak peak on my measurements.  The first 12WBT mini-milestone is next week, but I needed some inspiration – not that motivation has been lacking, but sometimes you just need a little confirmation that the effort you’re putting in is paying some dividends.  Drum roll please….in 5 weeks I’ve disposed of 17.5cm’s off this frame of mine.  I can’t say I lost the cm’s, I know where they are, they’re in all that sweat that has been pouring out of me all over the gym floor.  The good news for me is – there is still another 8 weeks of this round to go.  I intend on making him pay!


Shrinking - or not

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