I resisted the popcorn

AmazinglyEnoughOk, I am just putting it out there.  2013 is my year for just not giving a shit.  I could really just end my post there, but what’s the fun in that?

Where has this come from?  I’ve been feeling a little deflated of late. I’ve flogged myself like the proverbial (I like to use that phrase when I really have no idea what should go in its place) for the last little while, usually trying to please other people, and I’m a little over it quite frankly.  Its taken the better part of  35 years to realise that trying to please others and be constantly worried about their opinions of me is completely ludicrous.  Go ahead, judge me. I’m over it.  I consider myself a good person, I donate to charity, I give blood, I’m a good wife and mother, a good friend and I work and study hard.  I could keep going, but I’m learning to stop before I say something I may later regret.  Rant over. judge me

This not giving a shit approach has really helped me focus on my training.  The Pain Master is a gem, she keeps coming back to train me even though I’m sure I complain with every lunge, leg extension, push-up, punch and crunch.  I’m beginning to realise either the Pain Master is deaf, or has adopted my ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude a lot earlier in life.  I dare say its the latter.

Kick off for the 12WBT is Monday.  I’ve completed all my preseason tasks (as depressing as some of the results have been), so all I can say is – bring it on.  I’ve even been reducing my coffee consumption while getting out of bed earlier, go figure.  I have found a little new indulgence, chocolate peppermint tea. D-I-V-I-N-E. oh, and Michelle Bridges is the face of these little probiotic chocolate balls.  13 calories a hit and each are equivalent to three tubs of yoghurt.  Score, I hate yoghurt, love chocolate and everyone can always do with some probiotics.

I purchased Michelle Bridges’ Crunch Time DVD’s a little while ago.  As with most things TV related in my life, they remained untouched for quite a while.  Tonight I rectified this.  I contemplated grabbing some popcorn, but resisted.  I did however find myself a comfy spot on the couch, popped a DVD in and watched it like a movie.  Possibly not the way MB intended, but in all fairness, the Pain Master was whooping my ass at 06:15am this morning.  When it finished, I did feel motivated – just not enough to press play again and actually get down and do it.  I’ll leave that for another day.


Shrinking - or not

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