No more excuses

2013 – how did that happen?  I start this year torn between disappointment and determination.  Maybe I’ll use the disappointment to fuel my determination.  I signed up to a couple of rounds of Michelle Bridge’s 12WBT last year and just donated the cash to the cause.  I thought I was committed, I wanted to believe I was committed, but on reflection, I think it just made me feel better to say I was doing the program, maybe I expected it to work because I had coughed up the moula?  It doesn’t and didn’t work that way.

So what has changed this year?  Well, I have again signed up to the MB 12WBT.  However, this time I am completing all of the pre-season tasks, one of which has required a kitchen makeover.  I know what you’re thinking, the Devil has had to cough up for some stone bench tops and new cupboards.  Nope, not even close.  I spent a day pulling everything out of my pantries and fridge and threw out a massive amount of food.  Not all of it was food that Michelle says ‘no’ to, there was a fair amount of tins that had passed their best before dates, and I’ll admit, there were some unrecognisable items in the depths of the fridge.  But I did it.  Now if you come over to my house, the best I can offer you are some Salada’s.  But, don’t go asking for some Nutella to go with them.  I didn’t touch the wine stores – that wasn’t in scope.

Has this worked?  Our house has been forced to eat healthier food.  Surprisingly the Trolls haven’t batted an eyelid and I’ve dropped a couple of kg’s.

The other change has been I am now in a deeply committed relationship with the Pain Master.  We have scheduled 5 – yes count them … f-i-v-e… personal training sessions a week.  And this morning that session was at 6:30am.  I obviously survived, I’m writing about it.  Let me just say the only benefit to training at that time of day is I’m not really awake enough to know what I’m doing.  I apologise now to my colleagues – I will not be able to lift my arms to clean my teeth in the morning.

At one of these training sessions over the last week I caught my reflection in the window while doing traveling lunges (yes, they are as painful as they sound) – once I got over the shock of how tragic I look, I was devastated.  How did I let myself get to this point?  The weight loss journey right at that point seemed insurmountable. I just wanted to pack it in and become a recluse.  Once I dabbed my eyes and slapped myself, I decided that was the easy route.  This morning when my alarm went off at 5:55am and the Pink Troll was snuggled in next to me in my bed (that kid is stealth –  I never hear her climb in with us, yet she manages to take up most of our king size bed), it would have been so easy, too easy, to hit the snooze button.  Instead I thought about the fact the Pain Master would be waiting for me at the gym, and I just couldn’t let her down.  Now I know that some of you will think that I’m cheating committing to the Pain Master, that I should be committed to myself – but it just doesn’t work, not right now anyway.  I’m hoping eventually I’ll be able to do it on my own (she’s leaving me to travel through the USA for 10 weeks!), but right now, knowing that the Pain Master is going to be there is just enough to drag my sorry ass out of bed and hit the gym.

2013 is my year to be kind to myself (amongst the craziness of the Trolls, the Devil, work and uni to boot).  I’ve set myself a number of milestone’s – a new wardrobe for my birthday is one of them. No more excuses.

No excuses

And as someone said to me today – only seven weeks til Easter and 11 months until Christmas!

ps – Happy birthday Pain Master xx

Shrinking - or not

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  1. Yes!!
    Get back into it. Speaking of healthy eating, I’ve ditched carbs for good now (well.. all bread, cakes, pasta, rice) and one month on, feeling better for it. And I ditched the half stone I put on at yours eating those fabulous chocolate pavs!! No regrets though, but it’s salads for me now.

    • No carbs? I like the sound of that – other than the rice, it sounds very similar to me giving up obvious sources of gluten, and I too feel all the better for it.
      A little harsh blaming the chocolate pavs, I’d be more inclined to blame the 50 million dinners we ate in two nights in Melbourne!
      ps – I’m pretty sure the chocolate pavs fit into your ‘no carbs’ eating regime, just saying! I can see if I can air express some over?

      • You’d be surprised on the carb front. Carbs don’t just mean bread and pasta. Fruit has a lot of carbs, and anything with sugar. All carbs.
        Basically I’m eating eggs and leaves. Ugh!

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