Miss me?

I need a personal chef. And a maid. Maybe throw in a pool guy (I don’t have a pool) and a full-time stylist.  I don’t have time to work, raise children, go to uni, be a wife and do the above. Oh, and lose weight and get into shape.

I’ve signed up for round 3 of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation (12WBT).  Admittedly I only lost literally a few kilo’s last round, so I certainly didn’t win any prizes.  I did however learn a lot about my relationship with calories, and what triggers my excuses not to look after myself.  And that’s the clincher right there.  Excuses and triggers.  Lack of time is my biggest excuse.  Stress is my trigger – unfortunately, lack of time and stress tend to go hand-in-hand.

While I can’t really afford to give up work (and maintain the lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to), and I can’t afford the personal chef, the maid, the pool guy or the full-time stylist – I can afford Michelle Bridges.  Well, at least her program.  My exercise and nutrition plan is delivered by some little cyber fairy every Thursday to start cracking on with from Sunday.  Through round 2 I learnt some nifty little tricks to try and curb those cravings for sweet sugary indulgences (lets say they worked a good 80% of the time).  I have set new goals and truth be told, mid way through week 3 round 3, they are still a work in progress (as I type this, I’ve made myself a cup of tea, instead of seeking out one of the children’s ‘Big Ted’ biscuits).

As I logged onto my 12wbt page recently, I noticed the advertisement for round 4.  I think my Mac is speaking to me, trying to make me realise that this isn’t only a 12 week journey for me, but a much longer term commitment. Yep, there are some amazing people doing this program shedding more than a kilo a week, and they look fantastic for it.  Unfortunately, since my thyroid checked out, it doesn’t come so easily for me.  My Dr, the Irishman, told me to hang in there and  told me to look at my weight loss at a kilo a month, more in terms of 12 kgs at the end of a year.  When he put it like that, I decided to sign-up for round 3.

This round I have found a host of other people with defunct thyroid’s posting on the 12wbt forums.  Reassuring to know other’s have not only similar symptoms (oh the tiredness) but have also committed to living a healthier and more active lifestyle. This is getting a little deep.

Sorry for neglecting my blog in recent weeks, that old excuse of a serious lack of time crept in.  To those loyal readers who make their way over with their morning coffee, I’ll be making more of an effort to save you from reading about all that gnarly stuff happening in our world that is too well documented by far more capable and reputable writers, and provide you some of my very real experiences chasing those pesky numbers.

Shrinking - or not

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