Month: September 2012

Touché Yoda, touché

    Seriously Yoda – that was just brutal           Moving on.  My 12wbt challenge is forefront of my mind, currently a little secondary in the delivery department.  I am however managing what I put in my mouth to the best that circumstances will allow.  I deliberately took half a punnet…

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Stop. Focus. Breathe.

I am aching. All over.  Admittedly it’s a good ache – you know the type when you realise just how hard you trained and are slightly proud of the fact that you can feel every muscle in your body with every little move – a day or so later?  That first stretch when you wake…

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Miss me?

I need a personal chef. And a maid. Maybe throw in a pool guy (I don’t have a pool) and a full-time stylist.  I don’t have time to work, raise children, go to uni, be a wife and do the above. Oh, and lose weight and get into shape. I’ve signed up for round 3…

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