Vegetarians – best you look away…

I’ve had an oopsie.  A delicious oopsie, but an oopsie none the less (okay, maybe more than one…).  It has involved at least half a cow, some fantastic pork, and some of the most amazing wine that has passed my lips in quite a while.  Lets not forget the brioche and custard and…

I’m just going to put it out there – I can be guaranteed not to have lost anything at this week’s Wednesday weigh in.  Truth be told there really is no point even stepping on the scales.  It has however been worth it. I know that may sound surprising given all that I have put my taste buds and body through over the last seven weeks (ricotta – bleh), but it has done my head the world of good to prepare really homely winter food for friends and family over the last two weekends.  I think it has really helped keep it real.  It’s not like we eat this kind of food every weekend – our cholesterol levels are evidence of that (Christmas in July followed by a quasi family reunion).  But, when you love food, and love entertaining, you just have to sometimes break out of the daily well behaved food choices and live a little.  Life is too short to sacrifice smoked speck, butter and brussels spouts (and maybe a little more butter) or chocolate orange brioche bread and butter pudding (and more butter).  I’m just saying.  The rib roast beef on Saturday night was more like a baby dinosaur.  Amazing.

However, I did actually complete the infamous bridge to bridge on Saturday morning in my fastest time yet – 36minutes something.  What a gorgeous day and I was incredibly glad I was up to see the start of it.  I do live in a beautiful city.  

Seriously – what’s not to love?

I paid for it later.  The ankle swelled up like a balloon and hurt like all buggery.  Enough I’ve been a little on the quiet side in the training department since.  Sometimes a girl just needs a little break.

I’ll be back on the training regime soon.  Very soon.  I may just take a moment to gather my thoughts and redefine my commitment to Michelle Bridges.

The push ups continue.

Shrinking - or not

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