I’ve got my groove on.

I have found my groove.  I am loving it.  This is going to be one of those posts about how fabulous this program is, I can just feel it (in my aching left foot predominately right now).  So, if you do not wish to read me being evangelical, I suggest you leave this page. Now.

I’m currently on an exercise high.  Similar to a sugar high, but far less calories and much better for my ass.  I am stronger and fitter than I have been in a while.  Okay, a long time.  Maybe I’m not necessarily stronger and fitter but I feel better – in my head.  I’ve battled feeling incredibly selfish taking all this time out to exercise, but I convince myself it is for the greater good. My gorgeous Trolls will benefit from having a mum with significantly more energy.  Hell, so will the Devil.

As I said in my last post, I will be signing up for round 3 of the 12WBT.  I downloaded the podcasts a week or so ago (but alas, not the two new-ish CD’s….)and had Michelle Bridges in my ears for 11 of the 17 downloaded.  In one hit.  While on the elliptical trainer.  I think it is what really did it, made me really commit from somewhere deep down inside.  Not to anyone else, just myself.  It feels really good.

As for the current program, I have adjusted to it incredibly well.  It is no secret I love to cook.  I love to make other people groan with pleasure at something I have prepared.  I’ve taken to reading the recipe index on the 12WBT website and substituting in and out different recipes that have the same calorie impact. I have tweaked a couple of recipes (I hate – detest – ricotta, unless I can hide it).  My portion sizes are a norm in my life – to play games with my head, I eat off one of the Pink Trolls plates – makes the portion seem bigger that way. But, the food – it has been bloody sensational.

The exercise – I crave it.  If I haven’t trained, dare I say it – I start to get a little agitated.

Shrinking - or not

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