Woe me?


I have slept.  I have slept a bit this weekend.  Funny how when you get some sleep, you actually feel more tired?  It took all my will power not to nana nap this afternoon – you know the type where you find a nice warm and sunny spot and just doze off on a Sunday afternoon?  My sleep has come at a cost though, I’ve been slack on seeing (even calling) my beautiful nan, and I had work to do.  I wish I could have seen my nan.  Not so disappointed on the work front (this will come back to bite me in the ass tomorrow).

I’ve watched my second 12WBT weekly mindset lesson (video).  We’re closing in on week four, and get two a week. Its not through lack of commitment to them, merely lack of time.  I still have two now not-so-new CD’s to load onto my mac…downloading a pod cast fits into the same category.  Sidetracked.

I’m happy to announce to the world I am not a self-saboteur.  Low image of ones self and self sabotage are different things.  The Devil overheard the video and confirmed I’m not a self-saboteur.  Quite the opposite really.  We are more likely to argue because I don’t stop.  Ever. What others would often see as an excuse, I generally see as a challenge – to beat.  Have I mentioned I’m slightly competitive? Laziness frustrates the shit out of me.  I’m not overly tolerant either.

The Devil came down to the gym tonight to give me some moral support and help me train, delightful.  I completed the super Saturday session on Sunday (it still starts with ‘s’…).  The man whom I would love to think of me as sexy, sensual and seductive (I did say THINK!) instead saw me not look remotely graceful, huffing, puffing and sweating.  Mountain Climbers would not have been attractive from his angle.  But, I did it.  And he didn’t laugh at me.  I put him through the same paces a little earlier in the week,  I may have even earnt some fitness respect from the Devil.

The whole family is now behind me – including the pink Troll.  She had a little packet of M&M’s today, and didn’t offer me a single one – I’m sure out of support knowing I’d only have to burn off the extra calories a little later…


Shrinking - or not

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  1. I was just thinking about your 12WBT today. I’m so proud of you for doing this. Don’t slack off on me now! Make it a priority and think how AMAZING you are going to look when we meet up in December. xxx

    • Don’t think too much! I have a sneaking suspicion it will become a 24WBT- but them’s the breaks. Oh, and I will look amazing come December! Speaking of – found a happy snap a while ago of the two of us the last time we were in the style capital all those years ago!

      • I was wearing a white coat, you had a blue one on I think. My hair was probably some god awful shade of red and there was an irritable little man with a combover that followed me around. Am I right??
        24WBT is fine – it’s a change of lifestyle, not a 100m dash.

      • @Vegemite Wife – I am in fact replying to your last post, however technology has failed me (well, I may really be failing technology) and I can’t work out how to keep the thread going. Sidetracked.
        I do believe there was an incredibly irritable man following you around with a terrible comb over and some equally terrible personal habits.
        You were doing so well, however mine was red. Might I just add, both of us had excellent pins in this photo. You still do x

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